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From time to time, we are rang by an unknown caller with someone claiming to be a legitimate company. We find ourselves frantically searching the number to find out “who rang me” and nine times out of ten left still mystified.

Private Number Nightmare

Being rang from a private or withheld number is probably the worst thing for someone with anxiety such as myself. I absolutely detest this and think the government should put a stop to it. The other potentially negative effect of being rang with a private number, is there is no way of calling the company/person back.

Reporting to Ofcom

Thankfully there is a temporary solution to battling these type of callers using a free service from Ofcom.

Ofcom is a regulatory body for the communications world and heavily relied upon everyday. T

Common scams Calls

  • Silent Calls  – A method where a scammer will ring you and say nothing but rinse your mobile bill via reverse charging you from the number they rang you from.
  • Automated Messages – You may get a SMS message saying anything from claiming for an accident to pitching a product you don’t need.
  • Spoof Companies – Call centres ringing and pretending to be from your network provider to upgrade you when you aren’t due then taking your bank details.

Here is an example of the rising bitcoin text message scams that are doing the rounds:

Although on this example it is in AUD, the basic structure of the scam is still apparent. They will try and lure you in by using your name (which they can easily find from stolen databases.) Once you click the link that takes you to their website, they could automatically ram your computer with viruses/malware or convince you to make a payment into a financial system that doesn’t produce any results at all.

Using hardware to block callers at home or in the office

I have been doing some digging around, playing with apps, devices and all sorts to find a final solution for these scam callers.

Some advice to help you:

If you are harassed by a caller who has rang you with a number you do no recognise, don’t answer. Instead, copy and paste the number and search for it here at who-rang-me and our community will be able to point you in the right direction.

How do I report a number that has rang me?

We have a very easy and straight forward user interface that should enable you to just search for the number who rang you. For instance, searching for the term 0118 92839283 will provide a new page with results left by our users.

How do I find out who rang me?

All of the results that are produced are from users just like you who have found information about the caller. We do not hold any guarantees that the information provided by our users is entirely accurate.

Is it possible to stop unknown callers ringing me?

There should be a facility on your phone, in settings usually, that should stop these scam callers from ringing you. However, I used this setting myself and as a result stopped all calls that showed no number from calling my phone.

SMS message cost me almost £5 after I accidentally messaged the person/company who rang me back.

Above is a small caption from an article I was reading where an unsuspected person was hit with an extortionate phone bill.

How did this happen?

Most are unaware (if there is no where that clearly stipulates on the sms message) of being signed into a reoccurring charge for messaging someone back who rang you. In other words, make sure you do not text these people who have rang you back.

These fraudulent companies will bill you via your network provider and the scary thing is, you won’t even know until you receive your bill at the end of the month. Above all, please use common sense and ask yourself if its too good to be true, it probably is.